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Renaissance Billing Solutions was established in 2009 with a group of highly qualified billing specialists. The Billing Specialists have experience in Long Term Care Billing, Long Term Acute Care Billing, Durable Medical Equipment Billing, and Intensive Outpatient Behavioral Therapy Services Billing. An asset that is essential for any successful facility is to have specialists handling the claims. At Renaissance Healthcare, LLC, the billing specialists are vastly experienced and highly motivated with more than 43 years of combined experience in medical billing and have served clients in Louisiana and Texas.

Not only does Renaissance Healthcare focus on Medicare Billing and Medicaid Billing, we also process HMO, secondary insurance claims and private pay. We are dedicated to getting claims paid upon first submission. Renaissance Healthcare’s clients receive well-kept billing and payment logs monthly or more often upon request. Our specialists also have experience in creating Exhibit5 logs and tracking Medicare RUG days for annual Medicare Cost Reports.


  • Check Medicare, Medicaid and Insurance eligibility.
  • We file claims to Medicare Part A and Part B, Medicaid, HMO (Managed Care) and Private Insurance claims for Louisiana and Texas. Work all outstanding Primary and Secondary balances on a monthly basis. File all no pay/exhausted benefit claims to Medicare. Notify facility of any problems with claims and find out how they would like to handle the problem.
  • Download all Remittance Advice, scan and email them to the facility.
  • Create 4 months of Self Pay Letters and send them to the facility to verify and mail out.
  • We will create an excel billing log showing all charges, payments, adjustments, bad debt write-offs and balances. (RUG Summary, Part A and B Summary, Monthly detail by resident).
  • Send a Credit Balance Report (838 form) to Medicare every quarter.
  • Create Exhibit 5 Bad Debt for cost report.
  • If facility receives a Bad Debt Audit for a cost report send it to us and we will audit any bad debts in question. We will have copies to verify the bad debt.

Renaissance Healthcare, LLC rapidly collects the maximum revenue for skilled nursing facilities and helps alleviate costs and hassle for organizations.

Renaissance improves medical insurance billing by using cutting edge technology, error resistant process engineering and continuous management of key performance metrics and recruiting.

This combination allows Renaissance Healthcare, LLC to:

  • Submit clean claims quickly
  • Pre-adjudicate claims before the payers ever see them
  • Follow-up on delayed claims
  • Maximize patient collection results by utilizing an analytically driven collection process
  • Dashboard reporting available 24/7 to provide maximum process transparency
  • Provide solutions to improve payment patterns by installation of a revenue management system.

Let Our Billing Specialists Work for You

Skilled nursing facility billing is one of the fastest-growing, most dynamic and crucial sectors of the healthcare industry.

Renaissance Healthcare, LLC serves as a skilled intermediary between healthcare providers and insurance companies.

Our process includes expedited fee collection from insurance companies for compensation to healthcare providers.

Solutions provided by Renaissance Healthcare save providers time and allow providers to focus on patients and increase ROI.

As leaders in the industry, we strive to achieve maximum profits for our clients.

Free Yourself to Focus On What Matters!

Renaissance Healthcare, LLC provides solutions with a combination of effective technology and experienced billing professionals.

The most common billing solutions include:

  • Complete elimination of insurance payment delays.
  • Installation of a billing solution within a week.
  • Control of poorly managed billing operations.

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